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Chocolate cookies are the best thing you can eat, and what better way to enjoy your chocolate cookies than by making them yourself! With this chocolate cookie maker game you can create yummy and tasty treats like no other! First you can collect all the ingredients for your mixture and place them down onto the bench. Next you have to sieve your flour and cocoa before slicing your chocolate and cracking your eggs into a bowl. Once all your ingredients are prepared, you can then mix them all together to make your yummy cookie dough! Lastly you can roll your dough into small balls before squashing them down into you cookie shape and cooking them in the oven. Once they are cooked you can then make them unique by decorating them with plenty of yummy accessories! Nothing beats cooking a chocolate cookie so why not try this free online cooking game today!

• Collect all the ingredients from the shelves and place them on your bench ready!
• Sieve your flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl!
• Crack your eggs into a bowl and mix them together before slicing your chocolate into squares!
• Add your ingredients together and mix them with your large beaters!
• Take your mixture and roll it in your hands until you have some small balls!
• Place the balls onto your cutting board and press them down flat before placing them onto your plate!
• Cook them in your microwave oven before decorating them with all sorts of fun items!

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