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If you love your cupcakes then you will just love this creamy cupcake cooking game. Here you can choose all your ingredients and utensils from the shelf ready to make your yummy creamy cupcakes. Now you can mix together your cake mix and place the mixture into the patty pans ready for baking. Once you have baked your patty cakes you can then make your icing and spread it onto your cupcakes to make them taste that extra yummy and great. Not only that but you can easily decorate your cupcakes by adding sprinkles, fruits, and other fun tasty treats. You can also change your plate color, patty pan design, and even the icing color to make your cupcake just that extra bit special with this creamy cupcake cooking game.

• MATCH and choose your ingredients and utensils off the shelf and place in your shopping basket.
• MIX all your ingredients together to make your cake mix.
• PLACE your cupcake patty pans into the pan ready for the cake mix.
• SPOON your cake mix into the patty pans and place in oven for cooking.
• MAKE your pink icing and spread it across the cupcake so it has a nice swirl top.
• CHANGE the cake plate to match in with your cupcakes.
• DECORATE each of your cupcakes so they have a yummy new topping each and every time.
• CHOOSE a colorful patty pan case so your cupcakes look pretty and beautiful
• CHANGE the icing color to make a yummy variety of cupcakes.

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