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The Monkey Fortunetell (first known as the Monkeybalah as having its roots in Monkeyccultism) is an ancient divination casting game (most common to Tansylvania), used from the mid-15th century in various parts of the Carpathian region. From the late 18th century until the present it remained largely unheard of until now.
It has been used by monkeystics and ancient monkeyccultists for divination as well as a map of mental and spiritual pathways, but its power extends even further. It is said that an ancient order of oracles used it as a scrying technique to not only see into the future, but also to trigger and prevent events.
Legend has it that the bubonic plague disappeared from Europe because of the order's mastery of Monkey Fortunetell.
Nevertheless, Monkey Fortunetell nearly vanished until it was rediscovered in 2014 (exactly two years after the prophesied end of the Mayan calendar).

Come play it for yourself! Maybe, just like the ancient order, even you can become a true master of fate.

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