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Grill King is a new multi timers grill app designed to be your grill companion. Grill King's smart grill management solution makes grilling multiple items on your grill easier than ever.

Never struggle with using your mobile device timer while you grill again. With Grill King you can be assured that your meat will be cooked perfectly every time. Perfect steaks, perfect burgers, perfect chicken and perfect pork chops.

How many times have you struggled to remember which steak needed to be cooked to medium rare, while another needed to be medium? Grill King makes it easy.

With a wide variety of types and cuts of meat, we've got you covered.

Grill King is also the worlds first social, gamified grilling app.

• Earn points for each item you grill
• Share your scores with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
• Share photos of your grilled masterpieces with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
• Share your pics on our Grill King Wall of Fame
• Compete with your friends
• Multiple Leaderboards: Grill King, King of Steak, King of Burgers, King of Chicken and King of Pork Chops
• Achievements: We've included a variety of achievements that help track what you've grilled and a few other surprises

We've also included a Grilling Tips section with valuable grilling tips and suggestions to help you take your grilling to another level.

We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for the app. Leave comment and suggestions.

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Note: All grill times are estimates as every grill is different. Always cook meat to a safe minimum internal temperature.

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