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Jungle Treasures 2 is a fun physics puzzles based multiplayer game where you can compete against your friends and impress them. Choose to play on your own or compete with your friends. This is the sequel to our original Jungle Treasures that show cast the chance to compete with your friends on multi player mode.

You play with a cute monkey and shoot with a slingshot to clear the obstacles. You can build your own levels and challenge your friends to win plenty of bananas. This challenger mode is only available once you clear certain level in the game. Journey through various exotic lands and join us in the quest to become the king of jungle.

Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!

You have to shoot buildings to clear them in order to reach your targets. Targets are bananas and when all bananas are destroyed, the game ends with a win. Failure to clear all the bananas and you will lose the level. Find hundreds of different puzzle levels in public mode or simply farm your bananas. Farming is another unique feature in this game whereby you will earn bananas when you clear certain bubbles by popping them.

If you love games like shooting, action and puzzles, download Jungle Treasures 2 and discover an exciting multi playing experience.

Jungle Treasures 2 is completely free to play without any ignoring popup or banner ads. However, you are always free to choose to purchase some advance items to enhance your gaming experience. Unlock all basic goodies in the training or buy it for the minimum price in the shop. The game is very simple to play, yet it's creative and challenging. It's all up to you. Can you build the strongest level ever? Let's find out!

Jungle Treasures 2 features:
? Challenging puzzle whereby you would have to employ your knowledge of physic in order to clear the obstacles efficiently
? Bright and colorful graphics that will enhance your gaming experiences.
? 100% precision targeting so that you would never waste another shot
? Powerful items that will help you to clear extremely stubborn obstacles
? Easy game play and suitable for people across all ages. Start challenging among your family members today.
? Unlock unique items to help you along the way
? Opportunity to play a mini game called Farming to help you earn precious bananas that can be use to unlock more items

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Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Jungle Treasures 2! ??

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