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You can serve your country right and you can do it by simply practicing this car game where not only that you will have in your custody the emergency vehicle of your state, but you also get to recreate their design and you will be able to put your mark in there. So use the tools you have and try to make each task in the way it should be done. Wet it, add shampoo, rub the dirt and dry it all. Wash well the smutty window, add the missing piece and handle all those scratches that are spread on the car body. The broken wheel needs to be pumped and when you are done the only thing that is left is the polishing phase where you actually finalize the aspect of each vehicle. You will begin with the police motorcycle and you go on with the fire truck followed by the ambulance car. You need to be aware of the importance of a proper functional car and you will ensure that the necessary standards are fulfilled. Once you get through the cleaning and fixing part you will be skipping to the designing step.Combine colors and textures, use your imagination and create a change in the aspect of the car, but don't be exaggerated when you combine colors so it will look perfect for the police car. Add some accessories to complete the attire, maybe some strangely shaped windows. Keep testing your abilities and try to add some innovative aspects to all of your cleaned emergency vehicles.

You need to check out this cleaning game because it has awesome features and you could take a quick look at them right here if you want to identify them:
- Variety of tools and processes to accomplish
- Free and easy to play
- Cool procedure to execute
- Cleaning and designing challenges
- Guidance along the game
- Joyful music and pretty interface
- New abilities to gain during the process
- Funky accessories and interesting styles to adopt
- Replace the broken pieces and renew the whole aspect
- Create a whole new design for a police motorcycle, an ambulance truck, and a fire department car
- Learn the procedure for washing a car

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