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What a lovely challenge to participate on, you definitely have to try this cooking game because of the experience you will get from it. Think about how would be if you could learn different recipes with only following a specific steps and using the based asked ingredients, well now that is possible in this cooking game because you’ll have to make a tasty recipe of a cake in shape of a cute unicorn. There is the baking part where you literally make the composition using the flour, the salt, the eggs on the first dough, then put the butter, the sugar, the crackers and the oil in another bowl and mix them. Get both together and put the whole composition in the shaped bunny tray. Place it in the oven and wait until get rusted enough to pull it out. Add your points to the baking step and move forward to the decoration one. Stretch the cream and moisturize the surface until you cover the area, then add the final details and make your unicorn cake looks like a real one.

Combine your designer skills with the baking one and find out how is to be chef in the kitchen. Find a way to get your abilities improved and test your limits when it comes to culinary art. Don’t forget that each step you make is supervised and any task you accomplish is ranked on your abilities to solve it as quick as possible. Try to get the highest score on the board collecting the maximum of points on each phase.

Check out these cool features of the game:
- Entertaining background music and awesome graphic
- Free to play
- Easy control of the game
- Develop your cooking skills
- Improve your dexterity in art of baking cakes
- Learn how to follow a recipe and add it to your book
- Follow a specific recipe and learn how to do it yourself

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