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Are you looking for the perfect cover plate for your home or commercial environment and would like to see it on different finishes on standard walls or on your own wall?

The BTicino Wiring Devices app allows you to:
- View the whole BTicino cover plates catalog: Màtix, Livinglight and Axolute, including the new Air; with corresponding price, product code and description of the material.
- Test different combinations of finishes on a wall to be chosen among those in the gallery or on a custom picture that you can upload.
- Create an image with the different combinations, which can be saved or shared on social networks or email.

BTicino Wiring Devices is available in 8 languages and in 45 countries, for both iOS and Android, and is constantly updated with new releases of the various operating systems and for any new product line.

2.2.5 (March 2018)
- catalogue update
2.2.1 (July 2017)
- the customisation is sharable on WhatsApp
- added a link to the privacy policy
2.1.7 (June 2017)
- some new coverplates are available for the Italian customers
2.1.4 (January 2017)
- fixed the bug with some Samsung Galaxy devices (S6 and S7 were the most relevant)
- the app is now fully compatible with the Android 7 (Nougat) permission system
- updated the name of a coverplate
2.1.3 (September 2016)
- the rounded Axolute coverplates aren't available in México anymore
2.1.1 (April 2016)
- the camera features are been re-enabled on Android 6
- added a coverplate for the Italian customers (the L4803AC) and remove some old ones
- prices update
- fixed a bug with the Màtix customisation flow
- the Axolute AIR and the Monochrome frames are available in Mexico
2.0.4 (November 2015)
- improved the images quality
- Android 2.2 isn't supported anymore
- temporary disabled the camera features on Android 6
2.0.1 (July 2015)
- the slovak language is supported
2.0.0 (May 2015)
- integrated the Màtix coverplates
- a new the Axolute AIR coverplates is available for sale for the Italian customers
- added the coverplate prices (where available)
- performance improvements
1.4.2 (August 2014)
- the Axolute AIR coverplates are available for sale for the Italian customers
1.4.0 (August 2014)
- the czech language is supported
1.3.1 (February 2014)
- two more Axolute coverplates are available for sale
1.3.0 (December 2013)
- performance improvements
- bug fixes
- the customisation is sharable also on Google+
- added more countries: USA, China, Greece
- the chinese language is supported
- added Android 2.2 and 2.3 support
- fixed a bug for the 480 displays (like the Galaxy S I)
- significant weight reduction, the app no more downloads any images when launched for the first time
- improved some coverplates details
- made some improvements when switching back from another app

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