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Hi, every morning you can see how your dad goes to bath and he does a ritual, among all this things is the shaving. Surely you noticed how he washes his face with a special soap and then follow in applying the shaving cream and begins to shave. All the guys are waiting the day when they will be able to do this thing so through this game for boys you'll learn how to shave for when the time comes. You will have to shave two men, they need professional help and especially need to know what salon to choose. Today your salon is their choice and you will have to help them with everything you can. This game for kids is one that will prove to everyone that you own abilities.
If you want to have happy customers then you should know that you have to follow all instructions of this shaving game.
Good luck!

1) At the beginning of the game you will meet your customers;
2) Your salon is very good and you have to give a full treatment;
3) Apply an exfoliating gel that will cleanse the skin of impurities;
4) Apply a moisturizer;
5) Eliminate acne and blemishes with a device;
6) Rinse with warm water and dry with a towel;
7) Cut the long wires of the beard;
8) Cut the whole beard;
9) Apply shaving cream;
10) Remove the wires left with a razor;
11) Cut hairs from the nose;
12) Rinse with warm water and wipe with a towel;
13) Choose a suitable hairstyle and accessories most beautiful;
13) Your customers look great, definitely you are a good friend.

Thank you for your help. Please come back every day to help us through this beard games and games for girls

Have fun!

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