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About Mirror - Makeup and shaving

STOP!! you've found the right app, do you need to carry a mirror just to check your appearance or put in contact lenses? Everything is on your phone now with this great mirror app, this prevalent application will be the last mirror application you download now for FREE!

why shouldn't you carry a mirror again? with over 3 million downloads, mirror app is the your best choice, it’s the Best Mirror app for your makeup and shaving with lights. Why is this mobile mirror app better than using your phone camera?
Introducing the all-in-one mirror app that takes your grooming and beauty routine to the next level. Whether you're shaving, applying makeup, or just need a quick check-in, our app provides a superior mirroring experience with added utility and features.

Our app uses the front-facing camera on your device to provide a high-resolution, true-to-life mirror image, so you can see every detail of your appearance. And with a variety of lighting options, you can adjust the brightness and color to mimic different environments, such as indoor or outdoor settings, so you'll always look your best.

Our app is more than just a mirror, it has several features that can be used for grooming and makeup application. We have a built-in ruler to measure your progress while shaving, a makeup mode that enhances the lighting of your face to showcase your makeup details.

The app is designed with user-friendliness in mind, intuitive navigation, and easy to use controls, making it accessible for all. With our mirror app, you'll have everything you need for a complete grooming and beauty routine, all in one convenient place.

Download the app today and discover the many benefits of our enhanced mirroring experience!
• Mirror app function:
o Simple use
o lighting control
o Zoom function
o Image freezing
• Different modes:
o Night mode when it's dark
o Bright mode when it's too sunny
o Normal mode

Why is mirror app better than using phone camera?
Superior visibility
Freeze image to look at details
zoom and exposure
Video Mirror, Better than real mirror

Turn your phone into a real mirror & enjoy your daily beauty routine with this light up mirror beauty makeup

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