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What is Schoop?

Schoop is for Education, Business, Charities, Clubs and Community. Communication and engagement are safe with Schoop.

Our motto is:

Reach out

The non-sensitive nature of communications means a lot more people in the case of a school than just the kids’ parents or guardians can be in the loop. And since messages are unlimited, it doesn't matter how many people connect.

We've heard from schools and parents that extended family and friends are often involved with school affairs particularly when both parents are working, so it makes sense for others to be connected. This could include:

# Parents and guardians of course
# Aunties and uncles
# Grandparents
# Friends and neighbours
# Childcarers and babysitters
# Teachers and other school staff
# Governors
# Church representatives
# The kids too!

So don't forget to tell others about this app!

Schoop™ Features and Benefits

For App users like you

# Important alerts are not missed or mistaken for general SMS or junk email.
# Add as many Schoop Channels to the app as you like and choose the years and groups you are interested in and the language you'd prefer.
# No more relying on the kids to tell you something important such as these real examples that happened to the author:
# “I needed to pay a deposit for my school trip last Monday. Now I can’t go.”
# “I need a lamb’s heart for a science project this morning.” This one is real!
# No need to go finding the newsletters at the bottom of schoolbags or on the school’s website.
# Useful alert sharing options such as Facebook
# News items sorted in date order
# Events with 'add to calendar' functions so you never miss an important date such as
# School holidays
# Inset days
# Parent's evenings
# Concerts and fairs
# Non-uniform days etc

For schools

# 30 day free trial
# Simple registration process. Two minutes to set up
# Online management console with mobile friendly alert creator
# Unlimited alerts, news and events system. Alert examples could include:

# School closure notices
# Reminders about school trips
# Engagement with parents in a child's "at home" learning
# Year based homework or equipment reminders
# Open and parent evenings
# Inset days
# Non uniform days
# Fundraising activities etc

# Can create all communications in English, Welsh and Polish and they get sent to the user in their language preference
# Multiple languages will also be available as language packs are installed
# Ticks lots of Eco-Schools boxes
# Bypasses the students and gets the message straight to the person who needs it
# Free ongoing support

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