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NOTE: Android has a plethora of device types. Please test the app out on your device with the sample checklist provided before making a purchase.

CheckMate's are the most endorsed checklist systems in aviation. CheckMate for Android brings the world class CheckMate content to your mobile device. The CheckMate philosophy is to standardize as much as possible checklists across all aircraft. Once you use one CheckMate for an aircraft, moving to a different aircraft is a seamless transition. It also tries to be as concise as possible without leaving out any critical information. CheckMate's have been around for 20+ years and the mobile devices bring a wealth of new capabilities to an almost perfect system.

One of the most notable capabilities is personalization. Once a CheckMate for an aircraft is purchased, that content becomes yours to modify to your exact tastes. There is a web-based content management system where all CheckMate's you purchase are stored and modifications can be made.

Mobile App Introduction

Online Editor Introduction

The web-based content management is best viewed on a desktop computer. The following URL will access the system:

Some advanced features:
One to many lists (PREFLIGHT, INFLIGHT, EMERGENCY, REFERENCE, etc...) can appear in a CheckMate.
Slider control to quickly navigate through sections in a list.
The slider and section titles show the completion status of a section.
Mandatory items that require you to check before moving on.
Show all speeds in KIAS or MPH.
One page view to see the entire list and also acts as a menu screen.
Clear an entire list or section with one action. Great when practicing.
Configurable preferences like like font style, font size, gap between items, etc...
In the web-based editor, add detailed comments for any item. Press-and-hold on an item to view these comments in the app.
Ability to add a color to a List. For example, you can say the EMERGENCY list should be red.
Each item in a list can now be a checkbox or a label only. Perfect when want content you don't need to check off.
There are 60+ aircraft including 4 universal checklists available with many more to come soon.
Store the same checklist on both your tablet and your phone for redundancy. Up to 3 devices supported.
The same purchase works across Android and iOS devices.
For phone, designed with one-hand operation in mind.

Some of the popular models are:
Cessna 172
Cessna 182
Beechcraft Bonanza
Piper Warrior
Piper Cherokee
Mooney 201
Cirrus SR20
Cirrus SR22
And many more...

Designed by pilots with many thoughtful features for use in the cockpit. The app is free to download with a sample checklist to test the functionality on your device. Each CheckMate purchased through the app costs $14.99, works on up to three devices from both Apple and Google, tablets, phablets and phones, and allows full customization of the world-class CheckMate content in the cloud. Fly with the safety and peace of mind of a CheckMate for the price of one go-around!

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