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* Add or Modify PGN Files, Games, Moves and comments
* PGN List with Favourite games per PGN file.
* Sort and search by column/tag (Event, Elo, White Player ect.)
* Auto-Move
* Auto-Rotate
* PGN with FEN tag supported.
* View Variations
* Annotations and Comments supported.

This application can be use to view, add or edit (new) pgn files on your device. It can read pgn files located over your android device root directory (that is '/mnt/sdcard' on most devices) and download directory by default, you can just to keep your .pgn files on that location for quick access, you can also browse device for pgn.

After selecting you can press 'Open' button (top-right) in order to load that file, it will take few secs to load (depends on number of games). In this version you can create new PGN File too or delete existing one.

Once games are loaded they are represented in grid format (table with row and column) and numbered, you can go to specific game number using 'Search' button with '#' selected to avoid scrolling if there are lots of games. In this version you can also search games by tag (i.e column) for example you might want to list down only games of specific events to do that you can type name that event in text input and select 'Event' in button next to it then press search, and you can also sort by column so if you wanted to sort all games by event name then you can press 'Event' column to do that. Not only that you can also edit any game's information in this screen by pressing edit button, you can add or remove existing game from that pgn file by pressing + or - button.

Once, game you want to view is selected then you can press 'View' , that will load that game and chess board will appear. You can see all moves under 'Moves' (top-right) that will show last move as you navigate moves. To navigate move you can either select specific move from move list(there are few more helpful buttons) or hide that(by pressing 'Hide' button) and on chessboard do swipe gesture to left for next move or right for previous. For flipping board you can do rotate gesture. At the bottom of the screen you get that instructions as well and that is where you can view comments including annotations of that move. In this version you can also view 'Variations' , if on any move variations are available then list will popup you can either skip or select one to view that, you can also disable variations under option button next to it. You can modify any pgn file by selecting move to begin from then pressing 'Edit icon' -> 'Edit Moves' , then you can tap piece to select then tap square to move and when you are done you can select 'Edit icon' then select result from list and press set result, now you can save changes to your pgn file by pressing 'Save Changes' or press back button to cancel changes you made. You can also set to auto-play move by pressing Option icon then toggling auto-move button, Tap over comment area to edit comment but remember even after you save comment you need to press Edit->Save Changes to write changes to file.

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