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The school day's classic 'Connect the dots and make a square' game remastered and revived. Just tap between two dots, connect the dots with a line and make a square. Play against your mobile or android device. Win the game by making maximum numbers of square or occupying maximum area.


1. Three different types of game hurdles with six level.
2. Beside the classic game, its having the 'Alter-Capture' level and 'Capture and Lock' level.
In 'Alter-Capture' level, if you occupy a square having 'Alter' mark on it, one of the area occupied by the opponent will be converted to yours and vice-verse.
In 'Capture and Lock' level, you have to capture fugitives and also need to lock them by capturing key.
3. Play in TimeTrap mode. Where you must have to place your move within two second.

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