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Nonogram (or picross, hanjie) is an addictive puzzle game.
You like sudoku or kakuro? Then you will love solving nonogram puzzles!
Nonogram' goal is to fill some of the puzzle's squares depending on the numbers on the left and above the puzzle.
Once the puzzle is solved, you will see a drawing that will reward you for the long minutes of thinking!
This game will put your logic sense and your thinking abilities to the test!
This game has several names: picross, hanjie, nonogram, crucipixel, pixel puzzles, Pic-a-Pix, griddlers, Paint by Numbers, PrismaPixels.

Features :
- Black & White and colored puzzle
- Auto fill line with'X' when you mark last number
- Hints
- Undo / Redo
- Save game
- Tablet support

Quick Stats

2 years

since last update

1 year

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