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About Nonogram Puzzle - Elf Island

Welcome to magical island and meet elves. Complete nonogram to open gift box with basic material in it and merge them to build your fun fairy tale worldšŸ”®!

Nonogram is a type of classic sudoku game which combine math logic with pixel artšŸ’”šŸŽØ. Match blank cells and blocks and numbers at the side of the grid to reveal the hidden pixel picturešŸ§©, as known as Hanjie, Picross, Griddlers, Japanese Crosswords, Paint by Numbers, Pic-a-PixšŸŒ·. Use strategy to figure out whether the square should be color or filled with X base on the words on the grids or could just filling by filling out all bricksšŸ§ø.

When the puzzle was resolved, you could reveal hidden images on the puzzle. Numbers are clues to show how many squares to fillšŸ¬. The numbers above the column are read from top-to-bottomšŸ¦‹šŸ¦š. Numbers to the left of the rows are read from left-to-right. Nonogram is also a pleasant game to train and exercise your brain, also keep your mind active with the basic rules and logic behind the picture cross puzzle.

Nonogram puzzles will also bring you gift boxes which could help to build your fantasy, mystery and dream elf island simulatoršŸŽ. Open gifts to drag and match items like small branchs, stones and seeds to contracture and design the beautiful fairy tale island and reveal stories-princess, prince and dwarvesšŸ‘øšŸ¤“. Elves will show up after 3 eggs were collected and matched~ Complete nonogram puzzle and keep Merging to find and discover the magicšŸ¦‹šŸ”®šŸŽ†!

ā—Massive Themed puzzle packs in the gamešŸŽŠ
ā—Friendly novice tutorials in the game, combine various difficulty level from Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard or Very hard that best for you and become the expert!šŸŒø
ā—There are many auxiliary functions in the game, such as return to the previous step, get hints, and reset the gamešŸŒˆ
ā—Autosave every puzzle, if you stuck you can try another puzzle and come back lateršŸŒŗ
ā—First game that you can play nonogram and merge at the same timešŸ‘’
ā—Merge to summon and collect charactersšŸ‘‘
ā—Sandbox garden to let your makeover with various buildingšŸ°

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