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Outrun the Darkness: Earn to Z

Inzeda Games
Free (in-app purchases)
4.1 out of 5
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About Outrun the Darkness: Earn to Z

Smash into the trash various obstacles that you meet on your way, because there will be no turning back, and the only chance to survive is to kill zombies and not die. Rush through the hills and ruined roads in a post-apocalyptic world, survive among the living dead, fly over obstacles, shoot down zombies that get out into the sunlight, earn to upgrade your zombie cars in zombie racing and unlock better cars, because the road will become more difficult, the hills are steeper, the obstacles are more insidious, and the sun will soon set. And then crowds of zombie monsters will flood the roads, and car racing will turn into a mess of corpses.

Game Features:
- Various types of improvements.
- Realistic physics.
- Lots of cars.
- Post-apocalyptic view from the window.
- Destruction, lots of destruction!
- Championship between players from all over the world.

This is a zombie apocalypse car racing game in which you will have to explore and earn to upgrade your car and kill zombies, remember where you need to add gas and turn on acceleration, and where to go quietly. And then you can survive among the zombies until the sun finally sets!

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