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"Congratulations! You have the honor of becoming the personal servant of the illustrious King Roden (That would be me!) As my attendant it is your task to feed me by maneuvering the machine for the Royal meal!
Hit the food by operating your fist and send it straight into my imperial jaws! You're hired under test, so I'll give you two mistakes at most, after which I'll have you imprisoned and rotted in the cell for the rest of your life! Bwahahah!!! "

Well, it seems easy, right? Wait for the rotating table to set, and when the food is in front of you, touch the phone screen! Of course, there is always something unexpected in this work, for example sometimes the table rotates too quickly, or some assassin hired by King Kitten has exchanged some chicken thigh with explosive bombs ... Or someone turned off the light during the banquet ... But the harder obstacle is surely the talk of King Roden: can you bear it without punching his face? I bet no!

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