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More than 100 million bubbles have already been pop. Thank you so much!

The new game BubblesToPlay is an addictive game where you will have to run against time to hit as many bubbles as you can. You can combine colors and make combos, but be careful with the bombs they arrive at all times, and a simple oversight will blow up all the bubbles around you!

Like bubble shooter games, you have to combine colors. For this, you have to hit bubbles of same color for extra points.
You have 60 seconds, but you can to collect clock bubbles and earn 5 seconds plus, for which clock bubble collected.

BubblesToPlay is totally free game. But if you wish, you can buy coins, for improvement your powers.

BubblesToPlay works without internet! Have fun!


You have 1 minute per match to make your highest score. But for every 100 points you make, BubblesToPlay will send you a clock bubble, if you to collect, will earn an additional 5 seconds.

Get as many as you can! Each bubble is worth 1 point. But if a bubble of the same color merges with another, then it will be worth 1 more point.

Burst bubble sequences of the same color and make extra points!

Take care with the bomb bubbles, if you pop a bomb bubble, it will blow up all the bubbles around you. And it will discount 10 points.

Collect 3 star bubbles and you will win a bonus on match! BubblesToPlay will send you purple bubbles for an additional 10 seconds, each purple bubble worth 2 points! Hurry up and make combinations!

Collect as many coin bubbles as you can during the match, with them you can acquire superpowers! But if you prefer you can buy it.

Collect coin bubbles during the match and switch to superpowers, but if you prefer you can buy coins as well. For example, if you always hit many bombs, you can use the superpower Shield of Bombs, for to skip of the bubble bombs. Or you are skillful to pop bubbles, use the superpower Rainbow to transform all bubbles on the same color, hit and make extra points. But, with you are so fast, you can use the superpower Snow, for paralyze the time, and blow up all bubbles!

If you are angry, take a Break! Relax in this zen game. Enjoy and share with your friends on this free game!



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