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Love Calculator is a simple app to calculate the love compatibility between two people.

Check your compatibility with your Love/Bf/Gf??
Check your compatibility with your crush??
Will you two make a Good Couple??

# Shows Full Name Compatibility.
# Shows Date of Birth Compatibility.
# Shows Final Conclusive Compatibility.
# Shows Results in Percentage form.
# Shows Results in single button click.
# Completely Free and Ad Free App.

1. Type Full names of both the Partners in the given boxes.
2. Select Date of Birth of both the Partners.
3. Tap Calculate Love Compatibility Button to get Reults for your love compatibility in percentage format.

All the Calculations involved in developing this app are based upon Numerology. This Love Calculator app developed by Para Digtial Technologies in association with Shukracharya Astro Pvt Ltd, pioneer in Astrology, Numerology etc Fields.