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About Super Capitalist Adventure

Welcome to Super Capitalist Adventure! Run, jump, collect coins, run away from enemies – all in the best traditions of Platformer games. Discover the exciting world of investment and banking. Start your adventure right now!

Play interesting levels, complete tasks, turn on your wits and move forward! Discover an unforgettable world, go through all levels of exciting story in which you are energetic investor who dreams about leading your company to the top of success through the storms of global financial crises.

● Gameplay: Jump, run, collect coins, run away from enemies and dodge obstacles, immerse yourself in the story of a novice investor!
● Game mechanics: classic controls, classic platformer.
● Two dozen exciting levels with unusual combinations and enemies!
● A funny story in which you are main hero.

Prove that you can become a financial giant! Barrels of oil, planes, coins, Wall Street - everything is ready to start your career race! You decide whether to run or fight, jump or fall, earn or spend. Choose the right moment to jump!
Super Capitalist Adventure - free game with Ads integration. We did all to make quantity of Ads showing maximum reasonable and hope that Ads not disturb

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