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About DeepL Translate

DeepL Translate is the go-to translation app for text, speech, images, and files supporting more than 30 languages. Millions of people use it every day to communicate and overcome language barriers. Start using it today for free, fast, and highly accurate translations.

* Translate text fast between more than 30 languages by typing: Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (American), English (British), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian (bokmål), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
* Translate speech to text: Use your microphone to translate spoken text in most languages
* Text to speech: Listen to the translated text in most languages
* Dark mode: Protect your eyes from bright light and save your battery life while translating
* Quick detection: Translations start after entering only a few letters
* High quality: DeepL translations outperform the competition by a factor of 3:1
* Zero cost: The DeepL Translate app is completely free
* Dictionary: Use the dictionary to learn more about the words you translate, such as how to use them in different contexts (11 language pairs)
* Alternative translations: See alternative options for short phrases
* Saved translations: Tap the bookmark icon and save words and phrases for future reference or to build your own vocabulary (all languages)
* Translation history: Automatically save translations so you can easily find, edit, and reuse your previous translations
* Instant camera translation: Translate text in images instantly by pointing your camera (23 languages)
* Photo translation: Import photos for higher quality translations (23 languages)
* Tone of translations: Automatically adjust your translations to a formal or informal tone of voice, based on your audience (for Pro users)
* Understand non-Latin languages better: View translations of languages such as Japanese or Russian in the Latin alphabet to improve your reading comprehension (5 languages)
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Permissions Notice:

DeepL Translate may ask for permission to access the following features:

- Microphone access: Speech recognition

- Camera access: Instant camera translation

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