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About Cats are Cute

『Cats are Cute』 is an calm idle simulation game. Collect various cats and create your own cat village. Just watching the cats is enjoyable because they're so cute!

■ Game Features
- Easy and simple controls for anyone to enjoy
- The joy of collecting cute cats that relax just by watching them
- Discover and choose quirky cat behaviors through push-and-pull gameplay
- Build cat-inhabited buildings and create your own village with unique simulation elements

■ Simple Gameplay
- Take care of cats and collect hearts
- Gather fish and catgrass to discover new cats
- Discover the special and cute behaviors of cats
- Decorate buildings to create your own cat village
- Help cats find partners and discover baby cats

■ Cats and Buildings
Discover cats. Obtain buildings that match each cat's story. Place buildings where you want and construct your own cat village. Discover various cat behaviors and choose the ones you like. Your village will become bustling and lively with the decorations for each building.

■ Mini Games
Play mini-games with cats, such as talking, hide-and-seek, feeding, watching, rock-paper-scissors, and petting. Collect hearts through mini-games. When you have enough hearts, you can increase your caretaker level. In the cat village, you can take care of as many cats as your caretaker level allows.

■ Today's Mission and Goal Achievement
Achieve today's mission and goals to receive abundant rewards! You'll naturally achieve them as you progress in the game.

■ Friends
Hidden missions are in the game. When you achieve a hidden mission, animal friends appear in the cat village! What are the hidden missions, and which friends will appear?

■ Mating
Find partners for the cats. Not all cats have partners. Like human society with diverse household types, cats also have their own situations. However, when cats find partners and form a family, heart-eyed baby cats are born. You can name the baby cats yourself.

■ Who is 『Cats are Cute』 for?
- Cat lovers
- Those looking for fun indie games
- Fans of farming, management, and city-building games
- Those who dislike excessive and repetitive grinding gameplay
- Those tired of ads in the middle of games
- Those who enjoyed playing 『Cats are Cute: Pop Time!』
- Those seeking stress-relief games for short periods

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