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About Geevv - Social Search Engine

Geevv is a social search engine that donates 80% of its ads revenue to social program focusing on education, health issues and poverty. Now you can simply donate from Geevv mobile app! Turn your browsing moment into kindness by just one app
Reasons why you should change your browser to Geevv mobile app:
✓ No need to open your browser, you can directly browse from Geevv apps (there is no need to open your browser, you can access Geevv directly from the App)
✓ Get notified! Be the first to know the latest updates from Geevv
✓ Search Engine that is save (safe) for all ages
✓ Browse anytime and anywhere you want

“Search engine with social missions” – CNN Indonesia
“Aim to help those who are in needs, Geevv is a social startup” – Daily Social

Give donation as easy as one click!
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Instagram : @geevvcom

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