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Dive into a challenging escape game and immerse yourself in the adventure, uncovering the dark secrets of criminal masterminds and solving puzzles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Explore detective stories, and escape room enigmas featuring unique puzzles and critically-acclaimed stories that have delighted tens of millions of players.

Assume the role of Detective Kate Gray in Trapmaker and immerse yourself in solving a captivating murder mystery! Unravel mysteries while solving a puzzling murder. Interrogate suspects, search for clues, and use your wit to unveil everyone’s secrets at the crime scene.

Stand by Julian Torres, an ordinary boy in the serene town of Ardenville, as he courageously battles the horror pursuit of the mysterious serial killer, Mirror Man. Guide Julian to survival and solve all the criminal mysteries behind the story.

Embark on a quest to save a fantasy kingdom in the Legend of the Sacred Stones. A mysterious curse has befallen Tempus Island, leading you to control the elements and uncover the truth about your past. Battle towering Stone Gods in this epic adventure!

Sharpen your mind and improve your observation skills. Engage in deductive reasoning and cunning as you tackle our uniquely designed puzzles and uncover hidden objects. Solve puzzles and discover the hidden clue.


Enjoy our complete game for free! If you find yourself stuck, consider supporting Haiku by purchasing a hint, but remember, you're never obligated. We ensure puzzles remain solvable, without resorting to tactics that pressure payment.

Adventure Escape has thrilled millions of players with an average rating of >4.5 stars. Esteemed game critics from AppPicker, TechWiser, AndroidAuthority, and AppUnwrapper have praised Adventure Escape games as the finest in escape room entertainment.

We're an indie game studio passionate about crafting games and puzzles. Our team's experiences in escape rooms and jigsaw puzzle competitions inspire our "satisfying challenge" design philosophy. Our goal is to provide challenging yet solvable puzzles that you'll love!


Influence the story's direction with your choices.
Enjoy the entire escape game experience for free!
Engage in ingenious escape room gameplay, investigating environments and interpreting clues to solve puzzles!
Explore over 100 beautifully illustrated scenes.
Encounter unique puzzles that captivate the mind.
Seamlessly continue your progress across multiple devices.
Anticipate more captivating stories to come!

Experience Adventure Escape Mysteries and embrace the excitement of criminal investigations, mystery puzzles, and captivating escape games.

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