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No more writing laundry notes on diaries and calendars!

Conveniently manage transactions on your phone with your laundry person (called a dhobi in India).

Add any type of clothing that needs washing, dry cleaning or ironing, specify their rates, and start saving and managing your transactions instantly.

You can use this app to:
- Record the counts of clothes given and received
- Edit these counts later
- Add new clothing items, or edit the rates for existing ones
- Generate and export reports through email, Dropbox, or Bluetooth
- Change the color theme, date/time format, and currency

Give Clothes

- Enter the quantities of each type of clothes given to your laundry person
- Instantly see the transaction summary (total items given, and the amount due) after you save the transaction
- Set an earlier date and time if entering the details at a later time

Receive Clothes

- Select a pending transaction, and mark some or all of the clothes received as they are delivered to you
- See the transaction summary (total items received, and the amount due )

Add Clothes/Edit Rates

- Add new items to, or delete from, the default list of clothing items
- Specify the service rates for individual clothing items

Edit Transactions

- Modify the given and received counts of a clothing item from a previous transaction
- Delete a clothing item from a previous transaction
- Delete the whole transaction


- Generate a monthly or date-wise report
- See a summary or a detailed (transaction-wise) report

Export and Share

- Export reports and share through email, Dropbox or Bluetooth


- Choose from 15+ color themes
- Choose the date and time format
- Choose the currency