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Track your sales, monitor your accounts & keep your business at the fingertips

IG Central is one of the prestigious and innovative products of Insideglobe. It is a central bill monitoring app and is completely meant for our premium users. So we request others to kindly desist from downloading it.

IG – Central, a central bill monitoring system for our premium users. It is a complete finance monitoring application. The generated reports from the IG - Central application can be viewed by the proprietor through this user friendly app, to keep track of the finances of his/her company. The data is updated real time with minimal latency delay. The following reports can be viewed through the app,

Sales Report: Generates sales summary - item wise, salesman wise and customer wise

Purchase Report: Generates purchase summary - item wise and supplier wise.

Inventory Report: Available current stock - Product wise.

Accounts Report: Income, Expense, Payable & Receivable, Day book and Trial balance

And much more..

Key Features:
★ Real-time update of reports
★ Fetches accurate data
★ Segregates the report - item wise and product wise
★ Enables you to keep your finances at your fingertips
★ Multiple branch reports can be viewed in a single screen

In case of queries, kindly contact us via email support@insideglobe.com