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iHunter Manitoba gives hunters and outdoor enthusiasts a new view into Manitoba's game management areas. By overlaying the GHAs on top of the built in maps, users can see their current location and which GHA they are in. Dive deeper into specific GHAs to see which big game, predator, and game bird seasons are open. Contribute to the map by adding your own waypoints to keep track of hunting spots, past animal harvests, and landowner contact information.


- Includes regulation summary for the current season (free updates every year)
- View GHAs on top of built in maps
- Select GHAs to view its summary of open seasons
- Add waypoints to the map at your current location, the centre of the map or where you tap and hold
- Add waypoints to the map based on your known GPS locations
- Edit the name, description, image and location of your waypoints
- Store Landowner contact information in waypoints to keep track of all your hunting contacts in one place
- Send your friends or family an email with your current location so they can easily find you
- Use the sunrise / sunset calculator to look up legal hunting light at your location
- Share waypoints via Twitter and email to friends and hunting partners
- Check the current moon phase
- Text your location to other users
- View WMA and Indian reserve boundaries
- Chat with other users
- Share waypoints, current location, and your live location

Pro Tools In-app purchase (one time fee):
- Track your position as you hunt - get an altitude and velocity profile as well as a track overlaid on the map
- Draw over the map to highlight property lines, animal patterns, or trails
- Search the map for businesses or points of interest (internet connection required)
- Recently viewed and favorites lists for GHAs and waypoints