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Sector 9, the Galaxy's sole supplier of the precious element Lumite is under attack from the ruthless Cimtarian Marauders. You pilot the only space ship close enough to prevent total annihilation. Your are hopelessly outnumbered and must navigate through asteroid fields to avoid the enemy space fleet. Use your skills, your allies and the resources mined from the asteroids to provide resistance and repel the invading forces. Save the sector. Uphold the title of Galaxy Trooper.

Repel/Destroy the Cimtarian invaders.
Rescue stranded Lumorian miners from the asteroids.
Upgrade your Galaxy Trooper space ship, the Sentinel.
Deploy miners to collect Lumite from the asteroids, to power your space ship upgrades.
Use the cover of the asteroid field as you navigate across the sector to rescue the Planet Luma.

Galaxy Troopers patrol deep space, they are the first responders, the best of the best.
Lumite is the richest power source in the galaxy.
Cimtarian pirates roam the Galaxy leaving devastation in their wake.

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