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2023 Themes & Keyboards
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About Weather Keyboard

Stay ahead of the unpredictable weather with Weather Keyboard - the must-have mobile app to keep you connected while chatting with friends!

Key Features:
★ In-Keyboard Weather Updates: Get accurate weather information right in your keyboard, sourced from trusted providers. One-tap to share it with your friends.
★ Instant Sharing: Share weather updates with a single tap, keeping your friends informed.
★ Theme Gallery: Personalize your keyboard with a variety of themes, inspired by the weather. Choose whether to highlight key borders, giving you full control.
★ ChatGPT Assistant: Meet GPT Keyboard Assistant, your virtual companion. It offers advanced natural language processing, providing ideas, code generation, real-time suggestions, and text correction. From answering questions to giving suggestions, it's your digital conversation ally.
★ In-Keyboard Browser: Say goodbye to app-switching. Our in-keyboard browser lets you search the web, find weather information, and share links without leaving your chat. Stay connected and multitask seamlessly.
★ Stickers and GIFs: Express yourself with our extensive collection. Add personality and fun to your chats with a wide range of content.
★ Clipboard: Effortless copy-pasting. Securely store recent copies for quick access to text snippets, URLs, and more. No more screen-switching hassles.
★ Limitless Customization: Make the keyboard your own with Weather Keyboard. Choose from a wide array of themes and settings to match your style. Customize appearance, layout, keyboard size, vibrate, numbers row, and more. Your keyboard becomes an extension of your personality.

Never miss a weather update again! Stay informed with Weather Keyboard, stay connected. Download now!

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