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Tentaizu is a must have application for players who enjoy puzzle games. Similar to Sudoku and minesweeper, Tentaizu requires players to use logic and follow the clues provided to find the hidden 10 stars. It is useful to develop math sense on algebra, logical, analytical, and reasoning ability.

Have fun!

How to Play
- A numbered square indicates the number of stars hidden in adjacent squares (including diagonals).
- A numbered square never holds a star.
- A star may be hidden in a square with no adjacent numbers.
- Place a star marker in squares where you think stars are hidden.
- Each puzzle has a unique solution for 10 hidden stars.

* Beautiful graphics presentation.
* Quick puzzle to easily take advantage of your spare time.
* Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends.
* Vincent Willem van Gogh’s work consists of the dot collected will eventually be presented once players completed all puzzles of each level.

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