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Listen to 400 English radio stations on your smartphone including 36 national, 158 regional, 61 web radios, 46 BBC, 20 Capital, 41 Heart, 22 Smooth and 16 The Breeze radios.

Complete, free, high quality, simple, customized, handy with timer and alarm clock, clever with a service in background and an automatic failover from WiFi to Wireless 3G/4G (and vice versa).

In details:
- Free: A simple WiFi or 3G/4G connection is enough

- Radios: 400 English radio stations (national and major regional as well as many web radio stations, including all those of the BBC, Capital, Heart, Smooth and The Breeze). Radio streams are in high quality (128 kbits/s)

- Simple: A single button to launch the radio and pause it. Simply select the radio to listen to it !

- Custom: Define your own list of favorites in A flash

- Timer: 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60 (1h), 90 (1h30) or 120 (2h) minutes. Note that you can choose to pause the current radio or to close the whole application when the timer ends!

- Alarm: Repeat the alarm on preferred weekdays and customization of the alarm duration: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes

- Gentle wake-up with A gradual increase of the Alarm volume

- Handy: Navigation indexed as for your phone contacts

- Search a radio by its name in all app (minimum 3 characters, with or without accent)

- Clever: your last selection is saved for each tab (including favorites)

- Service: The radio is launched as a service in the background and allows you to do something else (write e-mail, read a newspaper, play online ...)

- Calls: the radio is muted when you make or received A call and automatically restarts at the end of the call

- Silent: the radio stops when the headphones are unplugged (depending on the models of headphones and phones)

- Music: the radio stops when you want to listen to other Music or radio via other applications

- Automatic: The radio is automatically restarted when switching from WiFi access to 3G/4G and vice versa

- Contact: Feel free to contact me by e-mail ( to send your comments, questions or suggestions on missing radios!

- Languages: Available in English and in French

- Permissions:
* Internet to listen to radio
* Network state (3G/4G and WiFi) for automatic failover
* Smartphone state to turn off the radio when the earphones are unplugged
* Detection of the phone restart to configure the defined alarms
* Detecting an incoming or outgoing call to mute the radio during conversation

- Note: The proposed radios can be temporarily unavailable! Indeed, the stream may be inaccessible when radio owners update them. If the radio can not be loaded, please try again later. Finally, radio loading time depends on the selected radio.

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