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Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to put on a Football Helmet and pads and run around the city smashing into everything you see? Be just like a Pro player. If so, then this is the experience you have been waiting for. Smash into people, cars, boxes, gas tanks. Super fun sound effects bring the city to life. Pass and score a virtual touchdown. Fast and interactive gameplay will leave you wanting more.

--6 Huge Maps
--60 Challenging Missions
--Loads of achievements
--World Rankings for your player
--Combines rampage with adventure
--Excellent 3D graphics and fast gameplay
--The more you play, the more he grows
--Race around the city, smashing everything

The football player even comes with an explosive football to cause some extra damage.

As you gain more points and experience, your player will GROW up into a GIANT. Now, imagine smashing the city as a GIANT . . thats gonna be SUPER EPIC. Real American Football - not soccer. The idea is to go from being a pee wee player, to a high school player, to college, and finally the Pro NFL player.

Compare your scores with others who are playing the game. Try and get to the Top 10 in the world in one of the categories. When you do, be sure and show off to your friends. Thats impressive! The game will leave you shouting "Touchdown!"

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