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Here comes the Rhino, and she's not happy. Easy big girl! You are in control of this huge female. Each 1000 Points you earn, she will grow. These Wild Rhinos are super strong and love to create chaos. Smash cars, tractors, goats, planes, fire hydrants, people, men, women, wheels, quad bikes, and anything else not attached to the ground. Smashing cars is her speciality. Red rally race cars are her favorite. To cause even more destruction, you can send out her explosive baby. Basically, she's looking to crash and destroy as much as possible. Help this African Safari creature grow from a little guy in Level 1 to a Giant in Level 50. Race around off the road or on the highway missions. Find the Airport and smash all the airplanes. There's even a few Football surprises to be found. Chase down the tourists and crush their cars. I see a Rhinoceros.

This game combines elements of rampage style games with adventure games. 72 missions and loads of achievements. Try to rank in the Top 10 in the world with this hilarious sim! Amazing 3D effects and animations!
--72 Missions
--6 Action Packed Maps ! HUGE TERRITORIES!
--World Rankings for the best #1 Ranked Rhino
--Loads of achievements
--Combines rampage with adventure
--Excellent 3D graphics and fast gameplay
--The more you play, the more she grows
--The sim that has it all and more!
If you ever wondered what it would be like to play a Rhino Simulator, this is your chance. Rampage the city or country farm. Smash everything in the city
Notes: For now, level 50 is maximum size - -and by Level 50 she will be so big, you will enjoy this . She goes up by 1 Level each 1000 points that is scored. This app works best on newer devices. If you enjoy playing a Crocodile, Snake, Wolf, Shark , Goat, Tiger, Cheetah, Elephant, Dinosaur, or Horse Simulator, you are probably going to love this game. Connect with us @jellyfishgiant

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