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Do you have a warrior spirit and good aim? Do you want to defend the galaxy from invading ships? With Space Shooters Mobile you will achieve your goal. Space Shooters Mobile is a game in which you will face an increasing number of enemies. As you advance in the game, you will face fast, tough enemies with different attack patterns.

• High precision controls
• Good quality 2D graphics
• New Charge-Shot (By hold the Shoot Button 3 seconds)
• New Laser Beam Power-Up (After collecting 5 Laser Orbs)
• New Seeking Missile
• New Unlockable System (Collect Stars to unlock new Spaceships!)
• 2 Unlockable Spaceships
• 7 Types of enemies
• 2 High difficulty bosses
• Power-Ups (Shield, Extra Life, Bombs, Laser Beam, Triple-Shot)
• New Reward of 10 Extra Lives after watching a video

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