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Ready, Steady, Spit - Duel!

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Taste you the raw experience of what it's like to be a master chef with no cooking skills!


WAIT for the COUNTER to FINISH and the SPIT sign to appear - be the FIRST to TOUCH the screen of the phone
good reflex workout vs AI
3 characters with unique voices
play single player or with a friend using the same device


There’s a countdown. Once it’s over and you hear or see the spit signal, quickly PRESS your CHEF and RELEASE the SPIT. It’s the same for both single player and multiplayer, so it’s dead easy. Or should I say… spit simple? Manage to be the first one to spit on the opponent 3 times and you win the game! And QUICK or get a SPIT!

Not ready to fight your friends in the spitting standoff? Get your proper training by testing your spitting skills in the single player mode against the master spitting chefs! For each round won, you get some good CA$$$H that you can use to buy different chefs characters, each one of them with a specific temper. Remember, you can only get coins in the single player mode!

The SINGLE PLAYER spitting stand-off has 3 MODES:

Granny: super-slow, will give you plenty of time to defeat the computer!

Nerd: faster than a granny, but still kinda shy and clumsy, it’s the next step in your spitting training!

Flash: it may become frustrating, annoying! But remember, it's a game so you could probably win. Caution!


So, if you don’t like Vegano Boy, you can take your chances with the Meat Lover- a French chef with a delicate spitting routine or The Grinder-the original American Kitchen Thug, ready to spit at any time on any day!

Smooth & simple game-play, clean design, the most disgusting spit sounds you’ve ever heard, all rolled into this nasty, awful, addictive game: I’ll Spit on You, Chef Edition.

We greatly value your support and feedback so RATE us, when you got the time!

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