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Script Generator for Xiaomi Yi . Change Exposure , ISO, resolutions , bitrates etc and sent by WIFI to the Xiaomi YI

Languages: Spanish , English , Indonesian , French, Italian
Firmware 1.2.13 and 1.5.6 and Xiaomi YI 4K firmware 1.7.8 and 1.7.17 and 1.8.9 for Yi 4K Script, Exposures faster than 1 / 500s, ISO higher than 800, GAMMA, AUTOKNEE, Exposure Compensation, Bitrates and AutoRec

For sending script possible you need to create a servation in the SD Card of the Xiaomi YI with the name ' enable_info_display.script ' file, this communication activates telnet
Download 'enable_info_display.script' "https://mega.nz/#!AE4UyajJ!JRHRExF5b1SQofCAISXwVQ32o5R419IKc_AaGnHGpI4

for Xiaomi YI 4K 'console_enable.script

Videotutorial como copiar a la camara:

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NOTE : There may be some sort of display problems on some controls in very low resolutions terminals ..

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