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About MoneyNote - Expense Manager

No need to read receipts or cooperate with banks!
MoneyNote is the simplest household receipt organizer app that is perfect for you. Experience the household bills manager app with the easiest manual input that can be used simply!

▼ Why you should download MoneyNote
1. Simple & easy
2. No membership registration
3. Permanently usable without charge
4. Detailed report of month / year / cumulative total
5. You can create your own category
6. Unlimited fixed balance settings
7. 20 theme colors
8. Supports Excel CSV file output
9. Supports passcode lock
10. Supports tax returns and expense management

Also, unlike other apps, there are no paid charges such as premium members. You can use the convenient functions that can be done with other apps for free.

▼ Features

◆ Input
Tap the easy-to-press category button and enter the amount.
The keyboard comes with a nice calculator.
The numbers are large and easy to see, and the buttons are easy to press and easy to use.
There is also a convenient automatic input mode so that you can input the accumulated receipts all at once.

◆ Calendar
You can easily grasp the income and expenditure status on the calendar.
You can also change the start day of the week and the start and end dates of the month, so you can start from the payday.
Since you can enter or delete from the calendar, you can also enter all the receipts at once.
Since you can set savings and initial balance, you can also display carry-over and cumulative assets and amount.

◆ Report
You can grasp the status of income and expenditure by making a pie chart of monthly income and expenses.
Since you can check the expenditure ratio and each data for each category, you can see the waste of household expenses if you spend too much or unexpectedly.

◆ CSV output
The input data can be output as CSV Excel data.
You can also use the output CSV data on your computer, so you can set the category as an account and use it for final tax returns, blue and white tax returns.

◆ Theme colors
You can change the theme color of the app.
You can customize the design to your liking, such as cute pink or chic dark blue.
You can change the theme color from 20 or more to your favorite design.

◆ Passcode lock
By setting a PIN, you can lock the viewing of important household accounts and payments.
Of course, you can use these functions for free with other apps.

MoneyNote is a simple new standard household bills organizer app designed for anyone to use.

All the app features are free! Also, if you enter expenses and income on the easy-to-read input screen, calendars and reports will be created automatically. You can easily understand household spending management.

It is a household receipt tracker that has many popular features and is easy to understand so that anyone can use MoneyNote. Download and try it!

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