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About Seek and Find differences game

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Find the difference free game is a puzzle game for kids and adults. You can train your brain by comparing 2 pictures and finding the differences between them. It contains different editions and you can spot 5 differences or 10 diferences. Search and find hard and easy mistakes. If you love playing logical games, join in and play the best guess the diference games ever! Get ready for spot the difference adventure and find them all like a pro puzzle player!
Hidden object games are perfect for testing your difference spotting and puzzle solving skills. All you have to do is tap the difference and you're exercising your brain!


Aaand we have something interesting for you: discover each level and try to find hidden object (hint) - magnifying glass. This hidden object helps you to increase the number of hints and to find image difference.

Phone or tablet memory

There are many episodes in the game Find the Difference that have different number of differences (5 differences or 10 differences). If you have completed an episode, you can delete it from your phone to free up space on your phone's memory.

Features of the puzzle game:

• no time limit
• skip any level
• zoom photos
• replay levels, if you want ☺
• play offline (without internet or wifi)
• a lot of hints to help you find differences
• horizontal or vertical position of the screen
• find all differences and get 2 hint at the end of each level
• works smoothly on both phones and tablets
• find 5 differences or 10 differences (it depends on edition) between 2 pictures

Spot difference - fun & relaxing game

There are a lot of differences to find, hurry up and download difference finding games now! If you like playing puzzle games and logical games, get spot differences games free and find the difference between two pictures like a real detective.
Spot it games free promise lots of fun, so get spot the difference games for adults and kids now! This game offers more than 1000 beautiful images which means hours of finding differences and relaxation!
Difference finding games are relaxing and good time killer games that will help you relax and reduce the stress.

You will like tell the difference if

If you are looking for brain training games that are fun and relaxing, install spot it games, and relax finding objects in beautiful images collected in this app. Guess the difference now! Download these brain games for kids and adults and challenge yourself with real free puzzle games.
Be a part of this find difference mania and play amazing spot differences games made for players of all ages out there! If you have any questions contact us at

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