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LAS-9 lets you loop and mix any 9 wave files simultaneously with full control over each track's stereo volume and playback rate. You can also save mix settings to restart easily.

Perfect for ambient composing!

Upon start, the program gives you the chance to download the tracks from FM3's Buddha Machine 2.0 and Buddha Machine 3 Chan Fang.

Write me if you find problems or suggestions!

Change log:
0.87 - Doesn't crash when a directory has both files and directories in it
0.88 - Even better at handling double touches
- The zip file filled with wav files is now downloaded to the SD card instead of internal memory (and promptly deleted)
0.89 - Reorganized the help file
0.90 - Can move to SDcard on 2.2+, bugs
0.91 - Allows for read only SDcards, a couple of bugs
0.92 - Attention user who sent the Error Report "fjgg", this should help
0.93 - Added FM3's Buddha Machine 3 Chan Fang as a set of WAVs to be downloaded. (If you're updating, please press the menu button and select "Help" and finally, press the "Click me to get some music" button.)
0.94 - Changed URL for these zip files. Google Docs stopped playing ball. They made it personal.
0.95 - Removed a variable which caused at least one NPE (sorry guy)
0.961 - Completely redesigned the layout so it looks almost the same but should look better on tablets. I conquered the TableLayout!! Acclimated to Android 4 and fixed a few bugs aimed at catching NPEs
0.965 - Fixed a bug for the person who sent in an error report with the message, "Bloody Rubbish". Sorry guy!
0.97 - Sorry for the update train, Android 4 had changed some things that I caught after the last update: left and right flipped, some other little changes
0.971 - Fixed an NPE for when someone tries to save a state without having first loaded tracks.
0.98 - Compatible with JellyBean. Changed the layout of the dialogs - should look better on tablets. Increased the resolution of the tiles; they should look better on tablets. Bug fixes (VolumeDialog doesn't choose any longer what the volume should be, one AIOOBE bug fix)
0.981 - reworked the Help dialog - the downloadables are from a different location. The download routine works again. Some of the dialog titles are fully visible now. This'll be the last version with pre-gingerbread support.
0.982 - for 4.1+ only. Merely adjusted so 4.2 could download it, no changes to the program.


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