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You - a tiny particle of system Lixent, one of the chain systems in the world Lumine.
Each system is a solid -oiled machine , which performs its role in the chain. Each particle is designed to support proper operation of systems. Each particle has a purpose !
However, from time to time even to perfection oiled machine fails. It is impossible to control , but you can eliminate the consequences of failure.
During the next particle failure disabled out the address 7C90E50C - is you. Your dream as well as each particle - to become an independent system. But as long as you are part of a different system , it's impossible.
The only way - to find a way out of all system modules .
The only obstacle - automated debugging process that automatically starts each failure. Namely - the search and return the particles to their original addresses .
But the systems resources are limited!
The game is a hardcore platformer in neon style. You'll have to try that would be pretty pass all levels , which will become more and more with each update .

In the menu you can catch and move the cubes on the background :)

Thanks to everyone who tested and supported my project!
Special thanks to the users: YMO, ibog1999, markkostarev and timzar

The game is optimized for different gamepads, including Nvidia Shield, Xperia play, moga, pega, and many usb gamepads

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4 years

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3 years

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