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Sleek Technique Ballet Workout consists of 3 body-transforming routines: Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™, Sleek Barre Technique™ & Sleek Body Sculpt.

All of the routines were exclusively designed by professional dancers and founders of Sleek Technique, Victoria Marr and Flik Swan, to give you a lean, toned ballerina body.

As women with very busy lives, they created these unique programs to help them keep in prime shape outside of the dance studio. Now these targeted choreographed routines are available in this APP to help you lose weight, lengthen and tighten your muscles, keeping you in tiptop shape.

Sleek Ballet Bootcamp™: 3 x 20 minute programs that build in intensity and can be played individually or consecutively. Each Ballet Bootcamp sequence is designed to raise your heart rate and make you sweat, so you burn calories, melt off the pounds and create lean muscle mass.

Sleek Barre Technique™:3 x 20 minute choreographed programs designed to give you a dancer’s physique. A ballet body is strong, sculpted and slender. These muscle-refining routines can be performed at a barre or at a steady chair or kitchen counter. Each segment consists of pliés, port de bras arm positions, leg extensions, stretches and abdominal exercises.

Sleek Body Sculpt: 5 x 10 minute programs created to target specific areas of the body that we all desire to see firmed up. Everyone wants slender legs, toned thighs, lifted glutes, a flat tummy and good posture. These 10 minute ballet routines will focus the muscle groups in those areas to strengthen and tone your physique, shaping you a Sleek Body Sculpt.

By practising these videos at least three times a week, your body structure will begin to transform in no time. Combining the major movements from ballet with fitness firming exercises, these workouts will keep you healthy and trim, giving you the ballerina figure you have always wanted!

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