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Create whiteboard based screencast using your Android tablet or phone!

Whiteboard cast is a whiteboard based screencast maker. All you need is just writing anything to canvas and speak to mic, then it will become screencast video and stored locally in you device. You can share it to YouTube, google+, or other service if you want. Or just store locally and use it for internal purpose. It's up to you!

The result becomes standard webm video file, no app specific service, no app specific own format. You can create standard video file only by this Whiteboard Cast. Final result is stored under /WhiteBoardCast folder.

No root required.

- Create video lecture like Khan Academy. (Other MOOCs like Coursera and Udacity, also contains these kind of lecture screencast)
- Explain complex idea to your friend or co-worker
- Record a discussion using one tablet with multiple people like ordinal whiteboard based meeting

Whiteboard cast is designed especially for teacher, who have something to teach and not a IT specialist.
It's easy to use. But Whiteboard Cast is not a toy. You can redo-undo many times, can create long screencast by realtime encoding.

You can support further development by purchasing this app!

- multiple colour pen
- Eraser
- Multiple undo-redo (many!)
- Clear canvas
- Multiple pages
- Image based slides
- High performance realtime encoding to webm
- Send video to other app

You can check the result of the demo for video quality:

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