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Cat's Diet Escape Game is a cute and funny point and click adventure game. This puzzle game is similar to escape the room games, but has a funny story. The cat has eaten too much junk food and is now overweight. Solve quirky puzzles to help him slim down!

Llama Institute's escape games are point and click puzzle games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including kids. Children will love interacting with the cute characters, while grown-ups will like the humor (and the cute characters).

This casual point and click adventure game will make you smile. Cat's Diet Escape Game is similar to escape the room games, but instead of being trapped in a single room, you're exploring the colorful world. Unlike other escape games with creepy atmospheres, Cat's Diet is lighthearted and funny.

An illustrated walkthrough guide is included. The walkthrough explains how to solve the game step by step.

There's an options screen that allows you to turn off the sound and/or vibration.

Need a dose of fun and cuteness? Play Cat's Diet Escape Game today!

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