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Кремль и Красная площадь, гид

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About Кремль и Красная площадь, гид

This tour Localoud will introduce you to the most important area of ​​Russia - Red Square. The walk will be interesting as guests of Moscow and Muscovites, and even those traveling in the comfort of home - easy manner of presentation, fascinating historical facts and a lot of colorful illustrations make this trip truly memorable.
Audio tour begins near the exit of the metro station "Okhotny Ryad" on Manege Square. and continues Red square. You will get acquainted with the main Moscow's main attractions: the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, gum, Cathedral "Vasiliya Blazhennogo", the Kremlin towers, necropolis with mausoleums. After the Red Square walk continues along the Alexander Garden, walking through which you will learn many interesting facts. Tour ends at the Manege Square, where you will be able to go to the Kremlin or wherever else you want. Join now without hesitation!
Application is extremely easy to use interface can even be used by those who have never used apps on smartphones while traveling.
Download this and other mobile guides Localoud - handy app for anyone who walks by himself!

Duration of audio tour of Red Square, and Alexander Gardens - 65 minutes, the duration of the walking route - about 2 hours
Narrator: Vladimir Fedotov

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