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About Local weather real forecast

Our application gives you every information regarding temperature, rain forecast, wind speed, cloud coverage, and much other important information that other apps might not provide. You can also view the weather conditions of most cities in the world, from small towns to big cities. Take a look at our app and you’ll realize this is the only weather forecast app you will ever need!

Weather condition is a big issue for many people. Knowing the weather for that day enables us to plan whether we have to take a car or bring an umbrella. In certain climates, especially during hurricane season, the weather forecast is, even more, a serious issue because it concerns safety. In the past, we have to tune into the weather alerts on the weather channels on TV.

Now we don’t have to do that anymore. Instead of waiting for the rain forecast on the weather channel, now all you have to do is watch this wonderful and accurate weather forecast app and open it anytime and anywhere to find information about weather conditions and the daily forecast.

Discover amazing features of Local Weather:

• Daily forecast that shows the weather conditions for that day.

• Very user-friendly and simple to use.

• Ability to track your location and give information about local weather.

• Animated icons for better viewing.

• Add multiple cities and view each daily forecast by tapping the name.

• View the weather and climate in World Map View.

The weather forecast should be more than whether you need to bring an umbrella or not. Many professions are dependent on knowing what to face ahead and we don’t want to miss any single information about the future weather.

Local Weather gives the most comprehensive information, including weekly weather forecast, temperature, wind speed, rain forecast throughout the day, visibility, humidity, and cloud coverage.

You can see from above that this daily forecast app provides several features and gives comprehensive information. This app works in every climate and most cities in the world. Want to know the exact temperature of your location in celsius? Just type in the city’s name and select it. We will immediately display the info of that location and bookmark the cities you are interested in for easy access.

Local Weather is the perfect app for keeping tabs on the weather in your area. With real-time forecasts, you'll always be the first to know about any severe weather heading your way. Whether it's a winter storm or a heatwave, Local Weather has you covered. And with an easy-to-use interface, it's never been easier to stay on top of the latest weather conditions. So why wait? Download Local Weather today!

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