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This application was developed by a youth soccer team coach/manager. The intent was to create and application that can quickly generate/regenerate player lineups and rosters. While the original intent was for soccer, it can easily be adapted to be used for any sports that has a setup of Forward/Midfield/Defense/Goalie (or even can be used without anyone in those positions).

You can make generate roster automatically. The application will make a perfect roster with players never repeating positions and it balances all players. If a perfect roster is not possible, the application does the best ti can to make a roster where players are not repeating positions. Even if the roster that it generates is not ideal, the roster can be edited with a drag and drop interface.

An additional feature is to store more information about each player. Including the players picture (to help you remember the names of all your players), parents phone number, and parents email. The player information screen also features a call, text, and email button allowing you to contact that players parents directly. Finally, once all player information is entered, the application will generate a mass text or email to all players parents.

This app is free and will always be free, it's made to help out coaches who are already volunteering their time for our youth. If you find errors or have suggestions on thing that would help, please let me know. I'll do what I can to update it.

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