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About Krispy Kreme Rewards

Welcome to the home of Doughnuts and Coffee since 1937! Just when you thought Krispy Kreme couldn’t get any more ‘O so sweet’, along comes our brand new Rewards programme and app.
Earn sweet Smiles and spend them on scrumptious treats. The more Smiles you earn, the more treats you can spend them on!
Start getting rewarded by downloading the Krispy Kreme Rewards app – earn Smiles using the app as your digital loyalty card, spend your Smiles on free doughnuts and drinks, be the first to know about member only promotions and find your nearest store.
· Free welcome Original Glazed doughnut just for signing up
· Earn Smiles using the app as your digital loyalty card in Krispy Kreme stores
· Use the app in our supermarket partner locations using our code on a box feature
· Earn Smiles on our social channels using the app
· Upload receipts to claim missing smiles

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