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Make your Hantek 6022 (BE/BL) portable with this App.

Basic features:
- Supported Rates: 100KS/s, 200KS/s, 500KS/s, 1MS/s, 4MS/s, 8MS/s, 16MS/s, 48MS/s
- Additional rates (in down-sampling): 5KS/s, 10KS/s, 25KS/s, 50KS/s
- 1 Channel (scaling + probe options)
- Trigger: software trigger, slope selector, manual/auto level, software wave stabilizer, Sweep
- 500 samples
- Refresh rate: limited to 4FPS
- Basic statistics (Min, Max, Vpp, Avg)

Full features:
- 2 Channels
- 1000 samples
- Refresh rate: up to 20FPS for 1 Channel, 13 FPS for 2 Channels (depending on device performance)
- Ruler for manual measures (time/frequency)
- Power Spectrum Estimation using the FFT
- Possibility to select data windows for FFT

Unofficial App for Hantek 6022 oscilloscope. The author decline any responsibility or liability for any damage, problem or analysis error resulting from the usage of this software.

Requires USB OTG support.