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About GKMate - The Personal GK App

Welcome to GKMate - Your very own personal GK Master !!!

General knowledge (GK) has always been an indispensable part in competition arenas, be it job interviews, competitive examinations, school competitions or even social/cultural events.. However finding the right books on various topics is a challenge for any serious candidate. Added to that, the busy schedule of modern life leaves very little time for preparation. This is where GKMate can help.

GKMate comes with over 3000 commonly asked questions on various topics namely :

Books and Authors
Countries of the World
Days,Dates and Events
Inventions and Discoveries
People and Places
Science and Technology
Sports and Games
World Organisations

With GKMate, you can now utilise your travel time, time spent waiting for services and other free time efficiently without having to carry big books around. This easy to use mobile app combines information from multiple sources and presents it in 3 different modes – verbose mode, quiz mode and exam mode.

Verbose Mode
This mode provides the information in a question and answer format. This will be an effective approach to learn when travelling or waiting for services, in queues etc. The user has the option to scroll through the questions from beginning to end or go to a particular question that was left in the earlier session and start from there.

Quiz Mode
The quiz mode provides you an opportunity to test yourself. After all, the fun in general knowledge is taking a quiz. In the quiz mode, you get the result immediately after submitting your answer. In case your answer is wrong, the correct answer is displayed. You can set the number of questions in a quiz session in the Settings screen. Special logic has been built in to ensure that questions once asked are not repeated as far as possible.

Exam Mode
While the quiz mode provides a relaxed way to test yourself, the exam mode provides an opportunity to test yourself in an examination environment. This is a timed mode. The time for an exam session can be set in the settings screen. Answers to questions will not be displayed immediately in this mode. You will be taken to the next question as soon as you submit the answer to the displayed question. The time left is also displayed. A results screen is displayed as soon as you finish the entire set of questions or the time is expired whichever is earlier.You can view the details to see the results of your individual responses as well. Special logic has been built in to ensure that questions once asked are not repeated as far as possible..

The app allows the user to select particular topic(s) to focus on and also allows to decide the number of questions to be included in a particular quiz or exam session. The time allowed for an exam session is also configurable. This provides the flexibility to create various test scenarios for practice and fun.

GKMate comes with a detailed Help section on specific aspects of the App to better enable the user.

- No Ads
- No Registration or other In-App Purchases
- No internet connection needed after initial setup

Hope you enjoy the GKMate experience and find it useful in your preparations.


- The background music in the promo video on this page is Kalimba. The developer agrees to the copyright requirements of the original owner of the music.

- The Nerdy character in the App Logo was done using logomkr : https://logomakr.com

- Most of the contents in the promo video has been recorded using mobizen : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rsupport.mobizen.sec&hl=en

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